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Another Incredible Year for this Connecticut Wedding Photography Duo

As the season’s cycle turns, we briefly pause to reflect on the previous year. We have come to the conclusion that it was definitely one of the best. From one stunning location to the next, and with the wonderful couples that we’ve gotten the chance to work with, there have been strides in what we’ve accomplished working in our intimate field of Connecticut wedding photography. Our art continues to grow; and every wedding is better than the last one.

The old world feel of the smaller East Coast communities lends itself to creating gorgeous photos. With our work from previous years in these fascinating locations, we’ve been able to develop a focus of prime locations within each of these venues. We are convinced that Connecticut wedding photography gives the best results when the artist knows and understands the nuances of locations such as these. In reviewing our work from this previous year, we are proud to say that we have this one aspect dialed in.

From the tip of Maine to the more southerly states of New York and Connecticut, we’ve traveled quite a bit this last year to give each of our wonderful couples the attention they deserve in the location they desire. We’ve walked sandy beaches, explored majestic historical sites and country clubs, and viewed breathtaking scenery. Not too bad for a small Connecticut wedding photography business. And with the memories of this previous year’s amazing opportunities still in our mind’s eye, we can’t tell you how much we are looking forward to next year. Between the new folks we’re going to work with and the grand locations we’ll visit, we’re excited to see what this New Year brings us.

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